Camile’s Bistro and Bar

  When I heard I was going to Camile’s Bistro & Bar, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Did they pride themselves on the bar atmosphere? What was their dining ...

crepes cover

Crepes Tea House

  West Springfield is the home to a variety of restaurants but there is only one quite like this. If you have been to Crepes Tea House and sunken your teeth ...

new england air

New England Air Museum

I don’t know about you, but I love to fly. There is something so wonderful about gliding above the clouds and seeing everything at a distance. But here at the ...

Robyn's Spotlights!


Steaming Tender- Palmer

Chugga..chugga..choo..choo… A sound that no matter what age you are, never gets ...
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Casa di Lisa- Feeding Hills

The ever so popular Casa di Lisa is a Western Massachusetts dining destination ...
family roaster

Family Roasters- Chicopee

If you are familiar with Memorial Drive in Chicopee, you’ll know that ...

Hanna’s Diner & Deli Shoppe

  It is an early Sunday morning, and I’ve just stepped into ...

Solmar Restaurant & Pub

One of Indian Orchard’s favorite hangouts is by far Solmar Restaurant and Pub located ...

Boston Bay Pizza

There are ton of pizza joints to pick from around western Mass, ...
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On The Fly Computer Guy

Technology… A blessing and a curse. Am I right? Helpful in so ...
skin catering cover


Everyone undoubtedly needs relaxation time. Some seek an oasis, some do yoga, ...
ct science center

CT Science Center- Hartford, CT

Close to home; check. Easy parking; check. Affordable; Check. FUN; double check!! ...
lucky strike!

Lucky Strike Restaurant

When you think of the most popular eateries in the Pioneer Valley ...

MRKT Restaurant

MRKT restaurant rests in the beautiful rolling hills of South Deerfield, Ma. ...

Nadim’s Mediterranean Cuisine

The “go – to” destination for authentic Lebanese food in the valley, Nadim’s ...
shakago's martini and piano bar

Shakago’s Martini & Piano Bar

Have you ever wanted your own martini named after you? And even ...
villa rose

Villa Rose Ludlow

Is it the home-grown fresh taste? The cozy atmosphere? ..Or the friendly ...
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White Hut West Springfield

Stumbling upon this hidden gem was nothing shy of utter deliciousness. Burgers ...
Brush it off

Brush It Off

Brush it on, brush if off. Add some color, Rinse, Repeat! Sip ...
interskate 91

Interskate 91 North and South

First off, it’s been years since I’ve stepped foot into Interskate 91- ...
t clectic

T-Clectic Gifts

Cake-shaped postcards? Check. Funny cards? Check. Mismatching socks? Check. T-Clectic; the one-stop ...

Gabriel Gladiators Training Gym

2013: What comes to mind when you think of it? For me, ...

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Samuel’s in the Basketball Hall of Fame



With so many dining choices in Springfield, it’s always a tough decision to pick a destination. Well decide no longer, head on over to Samuel’s which  is conveniently located right inside the Basketball Hall of Fame- free parking and plenty of it, martinis and several beers and tap and an extensive menu full of tapas and signature entrees! 

Samuel’s has been in the Hall of Fame for years, so they really know how to do things right, from a great selection of wine and beer to their famous tapas, it’s a dining experience unlike any other. A perfect place for client lunches or a night with friends, Samuel’s has just what you need. Even a great place for a date night- (ladies, bring your man, he has no excuse not to take you, even on game nights, because there are like 20 TV’s and a GIANT projector screen- so you can enjoy your martini and they can keep an eye on the score) Their tapas menu is second to none- over 50 for you to choose from; my personal favorites being the fried green beans and the pad thai. Make sure to try the Bean Town Pretzel Basket from their Pub Favorites menu, its two large pretzels stuffed with cheese and jalapenos. YUMMM! The honey mustard and buffalo dipping sauces make this a must-have at Sam’s.  For signature entrees, I go straight for the seafood- the sea bass, the  scallops dinner and the fish and chips are my go-to. For a lighter option I enjoy the salads- especially the cobb salad with ranch. 

Any questions feel free to leave them below. Sam’s is on the side with Uno’s and the Hilton Hotel. When the weather spruces up there is outdoor dining accompanied with good music and candle light. Great service, wonderful wait-staff and most of all, delicious FOOD!!! They get an A in my book!! 

“Mobiles for Miracles” Family Wireless & Children’s Miracle Network


94.7 WMAS has teamed up with Family Wireless and Children’s Miracle Network for Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield for the “Mobiles for Miracles” campaign.

You can drop off your old cell phone at any family wireless location around the Pioneer Valley or at the 94.7 WMAS studios in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. All the proceeds will benefit Children’s Miracle Network at the Baystate Children’s Hospital. You can help kids heal just by donating your old phone lying around the house collecting dust. You will know that when you donate your device, it is recycled properly to protect the environment and it will help a great cause locally. 

This campaign will start as the new year rolls in and will continue as long as the old phones keep coming in!

Feel free to leave questions or comments below. And thank you in advanced for your help!!

Dairy Queen, Memorial Dr Chicopee

Looking for the perfect way to top off your holiday party? Dairy Queen on Memorial Dr in Chicopee has the perfect DQ Blizzard Ice Cream Cakes to please the whole crowd! From the holiday themed Candy Cane Chill, to the famous Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Strawberry CheeseQuake Blizzard Cakes- DQ will help you be the COOLEST one at the party! 

Blizzard cakes are all about accomodation – two sizes; a smaller one that is 8 inches and a 10 inch cake that will feed the largest of crowds.  Or if you would rather have a smaller portion just because you are craving Dairy Queens delicious soft serve- buy yourself a DQ cupcake with vanilla and chocolate soft serve and that delectable chocolate crunch in the middle (Who could say no to that?) To make you feel even more warm and fuzzy there are little sugar snow men on top. Satisfying when you bite them right in half! Just kidding…. or maybe not.. to be determined.. But anyway, those make the perfect ending to a girls night out or romantic evening at home with your loved one! The perfect serving of DQ Blizzard cakes without the need to indulge in an entire cake. Perfect for me, because I have to keep reminding myself, Cancun is around the corner and I shouldn’t eat an 8 in cake by myself… So these hit the sweet spot.

Dairy Queen is conveniently located on 1535 Memorial Dr in Chicopee and will always have Blizzard ice cream cakes in stock for your next get together. And after all your holiday shopping is done and you are on your last leg, they also have a full menu of burgers and smoothies to amp you up for the next adventure of catering your holiday party.

Stop by to make your life a little easier and have a dessert that everyone will enjoy. Dairy Queen Chicopee. 

WXLO Acoustic Christmas Concert

I began my journey to Worcester with a full tank of gas, a hot coffee in hand and thoughts of how I would approach some of Pop’s most successful artists. With a nice rush hour drive ahead of me I had plenty of time to contemplate what I viewed as important when I got my 3 minutes of time with each artist in between quick set changes, and meet and greets and maybe just even their time to run and eat some dinner.

By the time I paid the parking guy a million dollars to park in his crappy lot, approached Mechanic’s Hall, and picked up my press pass, I had decided that either I had to grasp the opportunity or I didn’t.

And so the night began. Sam James from “The Voice,” Tristin Prettyman, Andy Grammer and Gavin Degraw were gearing up to take their turns on stage at the beautiful, Renaissance-style Mechanics Hall- a nice, intimate venue with walls that were plastered with oil canvas paintings of past figures of state. The crowd was filling in nicely, a bit reserved at the beginning- but as the night went on they had made their way to the front of the stage and were singing to every song. 

I eventually got to sit down with Gavin DeGraw, who was sweeter than pie! (cute too, if I must say so myself! shhhh) I wanted to make sure you all knew that his new video for “Soldier” benefits the Wounded Warriors Project and that if you want to contribute just click the link below. There are an unbelievable amount of unsung heroes in the beautiful United States that we live in and they deserve our support. So please go take a look and also at the music video for “Soldier.” 

Gavin played a great set with his piano and his guitar player. Soulful and melodic and it his gorgeous smile certainly added to the performance. Overall a great night. Check out the vid below!!

**In the interview, I said but the proper website name is which you can access right here. 

Denise Smith Photography “Behind Closed Doors”

A woman is beautiful, a woman is kind, a woman is constantly giving. When is she going to take some time for herself? And when she finally does, how is her time best spent? At the spa? At the salon? At a restaurant? How bout we take a different approach? What about something that is outside of the box? I have just the thing- the “Behind Closed Doors” sessions from Denise Smith Photography.

Something designed especially for us ladies, from one woman to another. These sessions are super affordable and you get Denise’s undivided attention for whatever direction you want your personal photo shoot to head in. From the pin-up look to the sexier boudoir photos, your shoot will be just how you want it. From numerous backgrounds to props from every era, it will be an unforgettable experience for you that makes you feel like a love goddess. You will get your hair and make-up done by excellent, experienced stylists that will give you that finishing pop to make your already gorgeous lady-features stand out.

During my session, I wanted to go more “pin-up,” so I put on my fake eye lashes, curled up my bangs, added that last touch of red lipstick and off I went. Now I personally, am loud, outgoing and border-line obnoxious- so being in front of a camera is never a second thought- but others who are a little calmer than myself may not feel totally comfortable taking the spotlight. This is where Denise and her staff add their special touch. It’s like the dash of sprinkles on top of your sundae. To get the best, most flattering pictures, you want to be completely at ease. Denise is so great at making you feel like its a girls night and there is nothin’ to it. You don’t have to be a supermodel- you just have to feel comfortable in your own skin and let the rest fall into place.

Check this out if you are interested in doing your own photos whether it be for you, or a special gift for your partner. (Spice up your Christmas ya know?!!?)

Denise has a brand new studio on Crane Ave in East Longmeadow with all new backdrops and props ready for you to delve into!

You can also find Denise and her crew at

Please take a second to check out Wilbraham Tanning/ Club Sun as well. Samantha did an EXCELLENT job with my spray tan. That was my first time getting one, and honestly I had no idea what to expect- Being a super intimate experience, Sam was so great in making me comfortable, walking me through it and giving me -pre and -post instructions on what to do to maximize my color. It was long lasting and natural looking- no streaking or orange color. To make things even better- she offers half off spray tans to all you spray tan newbies- so get your first spray tan with them at a sweet discount and enjoy all the benefits of looking like you have come off a weeks vacation in paradise instead of basking in the the chilly wintry weather of New England. The websites are: and Two convenient locations where you can feel sun-kissed all year long.

If you have any questions about the session please leave them below!

iPhone 5 at Family Wireless!

The sleek, slim design. The bright colors, the speed, the rounded edges of those stinkin’ cute little app boxes . Of course I’m referring to the newest member of the iPhone family; the iPhone 5!
It has been a long anticipated wait, but it is finally here and regardless of where it is UNavailable, its always on hand at any Family Wireless location around Western Mass.

I met up with Todd and his staff at his Chicopee location on Memorial Drive. He filled me in on all the details. I discovered what truly separated his store from all those big chain retailers out there. Being at a local level, Todd was WAYYY understanding and beyond helpful. He is always accessible and knows these phones like the back of his hand- so anything you throw at him he is 100% on his game and ready with an educated (and slightly witty/ maybe sarcastic!!) response.

Before leaving Family Wireless you have developed a relationship with your new side kick- your contacts get transferred, your email is set up, you have an idea of how to use your product and you haven’t even made a dent in your wallet because all those services Todd does free of charge.

You can find Family Wireless at 7 local area locations including: Suffield Street in Agawam, Memorial Drive in Chicopee, Center Square in East Longmeadow, Main St in Lee, Memorial Drive in South Hadley, College Highway in Southwick, East Main Street in Westfield. All these easy to find locations make it convenient for you to make it to Family Wireless, and maybe if you are lucky Todd will be there at the one you are at to answer all your questions and get you started with a new smart phone!! Otherwise you are graced with one of his trusty sidekicks, which isn’t so bad either!

Head on down to Family Wireless and pick up your new smart phone. iPhone, Android, they’ve got the perfect phone for you with all the accessories. Get your screen protector put on free of charge (AIR BUBBLE FREE!! Man, I hate air bubbles…!) , contacts switched over, email accounts set up. Leave ready to go, headache and hassle free- all this and more from Todd Demers and his friendly staff at any Family Wireless location!

Which smart phone user are you?? Apple or Android- and tell me why? Let the debate begin!!

Sayegh Jewelers, East Longmeadow

Have you ever gone to the East Meadow Shops? Well here is a reason to: Sayegh Jewelers. A cute, intimate location, the East Meadow Shops is a one stop shop for jewelry, flowers and a lovely dining experience. With the holiday season right around the corner, I will be anywhere that isn’t the Holyoke Mall. This cute little commons has everything to beat the traffic and the long dreadful lines just in time for the holidays.

An item for every budget, Sayegh Jewelers will hook you up with wonderful gifts for your loved ones. The fashions of this winter are beautiful pieces crafted from sterling silver and cubic zirconia in diamond settings, not just glued into the piece. They are made for a budget and they are hand-crafted with care. Bracelets and necklaces crafted to look like they were thousands of dollars are made with more affordable materials that will dazzle your significant other or family member and not break your bank.

If you are looking to propose to your other half this winter, Sayegh’s has custom made settings just for you. You pick the band you want, you put in what precious stone you choose and voilà! you’ve got a piece that no one else will have, because you uniquely made it to your taste!

Or are you that person that has expensive taste and loves the be the only one in town with the latest fashions? Sayegh’s has high-end watches imported straight from Italy. They are the only place around that carries this line of watches. They also import crystals from Hong Kong and other cities around the globe to make sure you are always up to date on the latest and most unique trends. Once an item is taken from the shelf it is replaced with a different item.

The owner Jamil, has over 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience to the business and will make your shopping experience exceptional. Feel free to ask questions, and see and feel pieces with ease. Sayegh Jewelers manufactures their custom jewelry in-house removing the middle-man like in the large corporate stores. This enables Sayegh Jewelers to maintain the highest quality control possible, as well as pass the resulting savings on to you, just in time for the upcoming shopping season!!

Check out the video and leave questions and comments below!

Pasquales Restaurant & Tavern


Are you craving home-style lasagna the way mom makes it? Pasquale’s Restaurant & Tavern in East Longmeadow gives mom a fair run for her money when it comes to preparing delicious pasta dishes! From their chicken francais to the tasty penne a la vodka, each dish is made to order with fresh, never frozen ingredients.

A local favorite, with over 20 years of experience under their belt, this restaurant & tavern know how to provide an enjoyable and intimate evening to everyone who walk through the door. There is plenty of parking in the back of the restaurant and its easy to get to, right off Rt 83, can’t miss it. Pasquale’s appeals to a variety of people; if you are looking to have a nice family dinner or just want to catch the game after work with your friends, Pasquale’s has two separate areas- a sports bar area with several TV’s and booths as well as an intimate, spacious dining area away from the crowd. 

After sampling a variety of foods at Pasquale’s, including chicken francais and sea scallops with risotto it was time to try out these martinis that everyone there rave about. It took me no time at all to discover how one could love a pumpkin martini so much. The inside of the glass, lightly drizzled with gooey caramel, the rim coated with cinnamon sugar and the liquore bursting with flavors of vanilla, pumpkin spice and a hint of irish creme summed up the feeling of Autumn in a glass. What made it taste even better ,was the affordability of their martinis. A fun fact about Pasquale’s Tavern: they have gluten-free vodka for all you who suffer from gluten allergies and just really need to kick back and enjoy a drink.

Pasquale’s Restaurant and Tavern in East Longmeadow is a great place to enjoy cozy dining with friends and family or kick it with your co-workers for the big game. It’s all how you make it your own experience there. Half off gift certificates will be available at starting October 26th at 9 AM sharp.

Squires Bistro & Blue Goose Cupcakery

Squires Bistro & Blue Goose Cupcakery

Ever want to escape for even just a little while? Find tranquility in Squires Bistro & Blue Goose Cupcakery. Located on Main St in Agawam at the brand- spankingly new Cooper’s Commons, this beautifully remastered 18th century building is home to many new shops, making it a one stop destination for dining, shopping and beauty.

Squires Bistro and Blue Goose Cupcakery offer an outdoor seating area enclosing you within a bed of Fall colors. Yellow, orange and maroon mums surround your table as you drink one of their freshly-brewed coffees or sip from a steamy mug of home made soups while leaves fall from the old oak trees on the property around you.

The menu is ever-changing. They offer something different everyday. You will always find some sort of sandwich, wrap, panini or quiche at Squires. Make it your own by adding whole ground mustard, custom-made aioli sauce or their signature kickin’ bayou sauce. I really enjoyed their quiche; the most popular ones there are the ham and cheddar, and spinach and mushroom. Soup is always available as well as a variety of hot entrees to warm you up from the crisp air. Finish off your meal with a slice of homemade apple pie or an order of mini gourmet cupcakes made by Blue Goose Cupcakery.  

The cupcakes are a perfect little size that come in a variety of flavors, something for the peanut butter lover as well as those who love coconut, mint and chocolate. Take a box to go to share with your office or family.

Squires Bistro and Blue Goose Cupcakery will be the deal of the week on starting October 19th at 9 AM! Get them while they last!

Rt 9 Diner in Hadley!


There’s nothing like that nostalgic feeling of a good ole’ fashioned diner. Rt. 9 Diner in Hadley is one of the coolest joints around. Owners Chris and Archie have made sure that your experience there will be one you will rave about to everyone you know. They’ve had this place running for the last 9 years, 24 hours a day!!! That’s right kiddos, your about-to-be favorite diner will serve you up a milkshake at 3 in the morning if that’s what your taste buds crave!

If it’s breakfast you seek, don’t feel limited by breakfast hours, they serve it around the clock! Eggs benedict, french toast, waffles, challah bread, sausage and bacon- if you can dream it, they have it. With an extensive menu ranging from breakfast, to lunch and dinner specials; burgers to specialty pastas and seafood, the whole family will be satisfied with Rt. 9’s selections. Picky kids can order off the kids menu, and they even eat free on Tuesday nights!* There is a healthy options menu as well as Greek Specialties. Did you think you could find all this at a diner?!

Everything I tried was flavorful and cooked just right, their homemade sauces added just the right touch to make their dish go above and beyond the traditional standards. They have such an extensive menu I could go back repeatedly and never order the same thing. You can do the same with a half-off gift certificate from, pay only $10 and get $20 to spend at Rt. 9 Diner. Check out all the fixin’s at

Leave questions/comments below!


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